Modelling and GIS software

GeoVista AB is an authorised reseller of software for geological and geophysical modelling and GIS. We work with these software products on a daily basis and are happy to share our experience with you as a customer.

Datamine Software

  • Discover (MapInfo + Discover bundle)
  • Discover 3D (MapInfo + Discover + Discover 3D bundle)
  • Discover for ArcGIS Pro
  • PA Explorer

Tensor Research

GeoVista AB is a premium vendor of Tensor Research products within Europe. This includes ModelVision with the add-on modules AutoMag/QuickDepth and UBC ModelBuilder.


  • MapInfo Pro

Intelligent Resources

  • Rayfract software
Niklas Torikka
Geophysicist, Infrastructure and Mineral exploration

Courtesy of Ragnar Metals