Geophysical Surveys

GeoVista has a solid experience of geophysical surveys in mineral exploration, infrastructure, environmental and mining projects. We carry out geodetic surveys with high-precision instruments and we also offer laboratory measurements of petrophysical properties. Working with us unlocks access to experienced and skilled staff and a large selection of modern measuring systems.

Our measuring services include:

  • Wireline-logging (Optical and Acoustic imaging, Water flow, full-wave sonic, Resistivity, IP, Density, 3-comp magnetometry, Magnetic susceptibility, pump-tests etc.)
  • TEM on the ground and in boreholes
  • Magnetometry (high resolution ground measurements)
  • Electric resistivity and IP (2D, 3D including tomography between boreholes)
  • Refraction seismics (P- and S-wave)
  • Cross-hole seismic (seismic tomography)
  • Surface wave seismics (MASW)
  • Ground Probing Radar
  • Gravimetry
  • Ground conductivity
  • Frequency domain EM (Slingram and VLF)
  • Magnetic resonance (MRS)
  • Self-Potential (SP)
  • Geodetic Surveys with RTK-GPS

With our partner Geomap Norway A/S we can also offer measurements with marine refraction seismic (seismic).

Håkan Mattsson
CEO, Senior Geophysicist, Infrastructure and Mineral exploration