High-quality services within mineral exploration, infrastructure, water and environment

High-quality services within mineral exploration, infrastructure, water and environment.

GeoVista is an independent consulting company with expertise in geophysics, geology and mine development. We are an experienced team of consultants with substantial knowledge in exploration surveys in field and evaluation and reporting of your exploration results. We can also help manage your contacts with the authorities and the proper application documents for your operations in field to reach success.

Our offer is built on extensive experience from the exploration and mining sector along with infrastructure and environmental projects both within Sweden and internationally. Welcome to contact our consultants who can tell you more about our offer.

Selection of our services:

Mineral Exploration

Our expertise ranges from planning, execution and evaluation of geophysical and geological fieldwork. We can take on a project management role or help out by focusing on a particular part of an exploration project.

Mineral Permits

We can help out with the authority conctacts and application documents needed for your operations in field to reach success. We can also help out monitoring your permit portfolio so that you always have an extra eye on important due dates for the validity of your permits.

Water & Environment

Many of the physical properties of earth materials are strongly linked to the amount of water, contaminants, and their pathways in loose soils and rock. We plan, execute and evaluate geophysical surveys to provide hydrogeological decision basis for groundwater exploration/protection, drillhole positioning and remediation action plans. 

Mineral Resources

The GeoVista team, consists of a group of experienced geologists and mining engineers who provides a wide range of strategic knowledge, from planning and carrying out exploration work in the field to evaluating your exploration results according to JORC, PERC and NI 43 101. GeoVista also participates in several advanced projects regarding the recycling of mining waste.

Selection of our services: