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GeoVista is an independent consultant company within mineral exploration and engineering geology.

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New optical imaging probe

GeoVista has invested in a new optical imaging probe QL40-OBI-2G (ALT/Mount Sopris). Maximum resolution of 1800 pixels is possible. The probe carries out data compression in real time and a higher logging speed is therefore possible with the same resolution compared to older probes of the same type.

”General Guidelines for HVDC Electrode Design”

Hans Thunehed at GeoVista AB is a co-author of the Cigré publication ”General Guidelines for HVDC Electrode Design”, published in January 2017.

New 3D-system for resistivity surveys

GeoVista AB has developed a survey system for full 3D-measurements of resistivity and IP. Measurements can simultaneously be carried out in several boreholes and on the ground surface. With a traditional ground based survey the resolution decreases significantly with depth and there is a risk for misinterpretations. With our new 3D-system we collect and evaluate […]

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