Reseller Rayfract software

GeoVista AB is a reseller of Rayfract software.

The Rayfract software is used for processing and modeling of refraction seismic data. The software handles import of SEGY, SEG2 data formats as well as third-party ASCII files with geometry information and first arrivals. You can easily pick first arrivals, make data QC, plot time-distance graphs and carry out some basic filtering. Tomographic inversion modelling is carried out by use of the WET-technique, which results in a continuous 2D velocity model beneath the survey line. Modelling handles strong topography. It is also possible to make layered based modeling with the “Plus-Minus” and “Wave front” methods. Rayfract automatically calls Surfer (Golden Software) for plotting of tomograms and ray coverage. Constrained modelling with up-hole shots is possible. It is also possible to construct your own subsurface models and generate synthetic travel time data. Windows 32-bit application, runs fine under Windows 64-bit.

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Contact: Håkan Mattsson

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