Mineral leases – Exploration licenses

Efficient mineral exploration requires access to a variety of information from different sources, spanning from basic data for target selection to exploration data from previous work, geographic data, aspects of nature areas to consider during field work, exploration license status or what other companies have published about their own work.

GeoVista has a long experience in compiling exactly the information your organization needs for a specific project. We also have good contacts with the authorities providing the necessary information.

We also help you apply mineral lease (exploration license), communicate work plans to concerned parties, apply required permits and production of consultation documents so that you get permission to perform exploration work in field.

Contact: Hans Lindberg

Reference projects

– Application of mineral leases (exploration licenses)
– Renewal of mineral leases (exploration licenses)
– Generation of work plans/permits
– Other permits
– Consultation documents

We conduct the above listed services for a number of exploration- and mining companies.