GIS services

To carry out projects effectively it is important to organize and structure the geographic information in a considered and useful way. As the projects continue the quantity of geographical information increases and now also requested from other activities. For this you need a Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

We use GIS and Geophysical software daily for compilation, processing, modelling and analysis of geographic data. MapInfo Professional, Discover, FME, ArcGIS and 3D-software like Discover 3D, PA, ModelVision, GEMCOM Surpac are software that we use in our projects. In several of the above listed softwares we also keep lectures and training at the Luleå University of Technology.

We also have experience from FME software for analysis, compilation and transformation of data between different coordinate systems.

Contact: Niklas Torikka

Reference projects

– Exploration companies – Design and construction of databases
– SKB – Database design and construction during the Site Investigation