Field surveys

GeoVista has long experience of planning, performance and interpretation of geophysical and geodetic surveys. We conduct geophysical measurements in many projects within infrastructure, environmental and mineral exploration.

For example for these issues:

– mineral occurrences
– deformation zones
– soil thickness
– bedrock surface
– geological stratification
– ground stability
– detection of existing objects

The different geophysical methods have different advantages and possibilities but also limitations. By using the right geophysical method in the right surrounding big profits can be made. We have long experience and knowledge in how to perform geophysical measurements with excellent quality. Read more about our offer of geophysical methods that we conduct in the list on the right side.

We also carry out smaller geodetic surveying as well as sampling and analysis of petrophysical properties of bedrock samples.

Contact: Hans Thunehed

Reference projects

SKB – geophysical surveys conducted in the Site Investigation program with diverse geo-issues to resolve.

LKAB – geophysical surveys conducted in various projects

Exploration companies –100’s of geophysical surveys and interpretations within exploration projects in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Other consultant companies -A large number of geophysical surveys and interpretations within environmental projects around in Sweden, but also in Finland