Reference projects:

– Environmental geophysics at a former wood treating facility for creosote contaminant mapping
In April 2004 GeoVista carried out geo-electrical measurements to detect possible flow paths for creosote which had contaminated the ground around the wood treating facility at Vall on the island of Gotland. The results indicated possible flow paths of which some were drilled. The drilling confirmed the flow paths and creosote was found in several drillholes.

– SKB’s Site investigations
We have participated in the SKBs Site investigations, primarily within the geophysical disciplines. We worked with all from quality control of airborne geophysical surveys to ground geophysical surveys and interpretation of drillhole logs.

– Characterization of volumes of infiltration
Geophysical surveys utilizing ground penetrating radar (ground penetrating radar) have been conducted along a drumlin planned to be used for infiltration of water. The survey results helped identifying the occurrence of a bedrock ridge and portions of clay in the drumlin.

– Water exploration
Good access to water of high quality is of utmost importance to all parts of our society. Surveying with the VLF method is done to locate water bearing structures in the bedrock. Successful results have been achieved in e.g. Municipality of Kiruna.

– Buried oil drums
GeoVista has conducted surveys of the magnetic field over an area where oil drums containing environmentally dangerous products were suspected to be buried in the soil.

– National Oil Stockpile Agency – characterization of the general geological setting
Using geophysical methods GeoVista has participated in the characterization of the general geological setting in the vicinity of some of the rock storage facilities administrated by the National Oil Stockpile Agency.

– Leachate water from heavy industry
GeoVista staff has used geophysical methods to trace leachate water at a large industry. EM and radar was successfully used and could localize the flow paths of the leachate water.