Ore & Industrial minerals

GeoVista holds on to the inheritance from the geophysical expansion from the mineral exploration in the Skellefte field, which took place during the first half of the 1900’s. We use geophysics in the hunt for base metals, precious and alloy metals but also for the pre-investigations of occurrences of natural stone.

We have carried out exploration work in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Our staff also has experience from mineral exploration projects in South- and Central America as well as Africa.

Contact: Hans Isaksson

Reference projects:

– Various confidential exploration work

– Industrial minerals in the Barents region
For quite some time now we have worked on a project proposal to start up an exchange between Sweden and the Barents region within the sector of industrial minerals. So far we have not succeeded, but we will strive to succeed

– The nature stone occurrence Korpkullen
Geophysical surveys using magnetometer, IP and resistivity has been conducted on the occurrence in order to check up homogeneity. The occurrence has been taken into production.

– Ghana – airborne surveys to increase the exploration efforts
One of our partners have since 1997 participated in the processing and interpretation of new airborne geophysical data from the western, northern and eastern parts of Ghana. The purpose of the project has been to stimulate future exploration for primarily gold and diamonds.

– Latin America – technical aid for the development of the mining industry
Many of the GeoVista geophysicists have worked for Swedish SIDA and BITS financed technical aid projects for the development of the local mining industry in e.g Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina. Among other tasks, comprehensive ground geophysical surveys were conducted on a gold and copper bearing hydrothermally altered granitoid at an altitude of 4900 meters in the Andes.