Infrastructure & Energy

Conditions in the soil and bedrock can within infrastructure projects be investigated by the use of geophysical methods. As an example we have worked with pre-investigations for tunnels and road cuts. We also participate in the development of a technology for permit control of railway embankments.

GeoVista has designed an investigation program to predict the potential of thermal energy in Swedish bedrock.

Contact: Håkan Mattsson

Reference projects:

– Seismic investigations for new roads and railway
Seismic surveys has been conducted to determine the soil thickness and deformation zones in the planning of the new railway and roads around Kiruna.

– Pre-investigations for railway tunnels
GeoVista staff have participated in pre-investigations regarding the tunnel project through Glödberget and we have made a prognosis of rock conditions at road cuts north of this tunnel.

– Investigation of grounding locations
We conduct geological studies and modelling of geophysical data in the location of suitable grounding positions for large HVDC-lines, around the World.

– Hallandsåsen – bedrock and rock quality at the southern border zone
Personnel from GeoVista have participated in the complementary geological investigations conducted in 1995. Among others, geophysical methods were used to predict rock type and rock quality in the southern border zone of Hallandsåsen (the Halland ridge).

– Tunnel profiling using laser
Using laser technology we have conducted profiling of cross section of a railway tunnel in Örnsköldsvik, Northern Sweden.

– Cross-hole seismics for railway embankments
In co-operation with SGI we have investigated the strength of railway embankments by the use of cross-hole seismics.

– Characterization of bedrock – The experience from characterization of bedrock within SKB-projects have been transformed to an investigation program for geothermal energy potential in Swedish crystalline bedrock.