Håkan Mattsson

CEO, Ph.D. in Applied Geophysics

– Research and development of applications for magnetic anisotropy in structural analysis
– Experience as a lecturer in geophysics and geodesy at Luleå University of Technology
– Tectonic analysis and structural modeling in Swedish mines
– Experienced with seismic borehole measurements and interpretation of geophysical logging data
– Published a number of research papers in scientific journals and author of several technical reports for the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Company
– Fluent in English
– Partner of GeoVista AB

Hans Lindberg

M.Sc. in Geotechnology

– Responsible for customer contacts and project management in several exploration projects
– Experienced in applied geophysics practiced in Sweden as well as Australia
– Investigations describing the development within exploration and mining industry in Scandinavia
– Business analysis, compilation of information, application of exploration licenses, contacts with authorities and landowners and development of strategies for compilation of exploration information
– Fluent in English
– Partner of GeoVista AB

Hans Isaksson

M.Sc. in Geotechnology

-Project analysis, design and management of investigations
-Experienced in integration and interpretation of large, geo-scientific data-sets in exploration programs and engineering geology projects, using digital image techniques for visualization and analysis
– Well-acquainted with the geology of many exploration areas in Sweden
– Fluent in English
– Associated senior consultant of GeoVista AB

Hans Thunehed

Ph.D. in Applied geophysics

– Expert in modelling and interpretation of geophysical survey data
– Planning and management of exploration and engineering geology projects
– Geological investigations and geophysical modelling related to HVDC electrodes
– Designer of a system for monitoring dam integrity and safety
– Author of several computer programs for data processing, modelling and geophysical inversion
– Experienced in downhole geophysics and physical properties of rocks and soils
– Fluent in English
– Partner of GeoVista AB

Thomas Lindholm

M.Sc. in Geotechnology

– Appointed by Fennoscandian Review Board (SveMin), Finnish Association of Extractive Resources Industry (FAERI) and JORC Code as Qualified Person (QP)
– A Fellow member of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM)
– Conducts mineral resource estimation, project evaluation and project auditing
– Geochemical and geophysical survey design, management and interpretation
– Experienced in the use and design of computer systems for the compilation, processing and presentation of geographic data and design of databases
– Many years of experience as a lecturer in CAD and Mineral Resource Estimation at Luleå University of Technology
– Served in major projects for development assistance in technology in South and Central America
– Fluent in English and Spanish
– Associated senior consultant of GeoVista AB

Timo Pitkänen

M.Sc. in Geotechnology

– Geophysicist managing field surveys around the Scandinavia
– Analysis, quality control of field survey data and map generation
– Fluent in English and Finnish

Stefan Säker

Exploration Field Technician

– Plans and conducts different field work
– Leads drilling programs
– Has long experience from different exploration projects within Sweden
– Performs field data sampling and compiles information
– Manages contacts with landowners
– Fluent in English

Nils Perttu


Ph.D. in Applied geophysics

-Research within groundwater exploration using Magnetic Resonance Sounding (MRS)
-Author to a number of articles in scientific journals as well as technical reports
-Lecturer in geophysics, geodesy and hydrology at Luleå University of Technology
-Experience of working with groundwater exploration in different geological environments, in countries like Laos, Mozambique and Nicaragua
-Fluent in English

Linnéa Johansson


M.Sc in Natural Resources Engineering – Ore and Mineral

– Sales manager for software from Datamine, Tensor Research and Pitney Bowes.

– Quality control and processing of geophysical data.
– Modelling and interpretation of geophysical data from ground and borehole measurements, with focus on mineral exploration.
– Plans and conducts ground geophysical surveys.
– Fluent in English.

Maria Larsson

Maria Larsson

Holds a degree in Economics

– Accountancy and economic reporting for GeoVista AB
– Accountancy and economic reporting external small companies
– Fluent in English

Johan Morin

Johan Morin

M.Sc. in Jurisprudence

– Specialist in the permiting processes under the Minerals Act (1991:45), the Environmental Code (1998:808) and related regulations
– Serveral years of experience as legal advisor at the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden (Bergsstaten)
– Applications for explorations permits, work plans, exploitation concessions, designation of land, dispensation for driving in the terrain and MB 12:6 consultations, etc.
– Contacts with authorities, landowners and holders of special rights
– Fluent in English

Niklas Torikka

Niklas Torikka

M.Sc in Natural Resources Engineering – Ore and Minerals

– Conducts geophysical surveys
– Quality control and processing of geophysical data
– Modelling and interpretation of geophysical data
– Long experience in field work
– Fluent in English

Barbara Kern

Msc in Geology

– Field and underground bedrock mapping
– Soil sampling and RC chip mapping
– Geological drillcore logging, supervision and planning of drill programs
– Petrographic description of rock samples
– Fluent in german and english